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23 Down, 1 To Go

That’s right. I’ve completed 23 semesters of school. Today was the first day of my last semester. I’m at the stage where I both hate school and love it. I want to go just so I can get it over with but then again I’d rather not go at all. It wouldn’t be that bad if their were no homework, but that only happens in my dreams. If it weren’t for sports I’d get so bored.

On a brighter note was accepted into another CSS gallery today. The site is called CSS nightingale and you can seee my site here. I think I’ve submitted my site to all of the CSS galleries I’ve come across and unfortunately only a few of them have accepted it. To tell you the truth I’m suprised I got accepted into as many as I did so I’m grateful for that. The design isn’t great and I’m already getting bored of it. Does this happen to anyone else or just me? Be on the lookout for a redesign within a week or so. I hope’ll you like it.

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