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I finally broke the two minute barrier in the 800m. I ran a personal record of 1:58.73 and never has accomplishing a goal felt this bad. When you finish a race like that your lungs and every muscle in your body hurts. Even those little muscles you don’t realize you have become annoyingly noticeable.

Three other people from my school were in that race with me and the four of us somehow managed to get 1st through 4th place. My school has never had four guys at the region meet run under 1:59 and never have they gone 1st through 4th in a race. Needless to say, our coaches were very pleased and so were we.

When you cross the finish line the feeling in your legs comes back and you realize how much pain you just put yourself in. The four of us congratulated each other and couldn’t be happier but it was impossible for us to show it. I slowly made my way off the track to the field where I could collapse. I don’t know how to explain the pain you have in your legs but I know it hurts, a lot. Standing takes too much energy and sitting only makes them tighten up. There’s no way to make the pain go away. You want your heart to stop beating because then it won’t feel so bad. You head is throbbing, you’re still struggling to breathe, and you can’t sit or stand because it hurts too much.

I know all of this is going to happen before the race but I do it anyway. Maybe I’m crazy but the feeling of accomplishment, the congratulations, the handshakes, the look on people’s faces makes it all worth it. I’ve been running since 9th grade just to be here at these last few meets. I’ve ran easily over a thousand miles a year for the past three years and been through the toughest and most painful things in my life just for the opportunity to run at these meets. I’m happy to say it’s all been worth it.

The state meet is this week and I run the 800m on Wednesday and the 4x800m relay on Saturday. The four of us who ran at region are ranked 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th but we want to go 1st through 4th again. It will be much tougher to do then it was a region but we can do it. Anything is possible right? In the 4x800m we’re ranked number one with a time of 8:00.67. The school record is 7:55 so we want to run a 7:54 or faster.

School is winding down and that means lots of tests. I can’t wait to graduate and finally enter “the real world.” It looks like I’ll get to still run in college I’m just not exactly sure where yet. I’ve narrowed down my choices to two schools but what it will all come down to is $$$ like it so often does.

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