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The Rudder of the Year

The first hour is the rudder of the day. It steers the rest of your day in the direction you want it to go. If the first hour of your day is lazy, the rest of the day will be lazy. On the other hand, if the first hour of your day is productive, the rest of your day will be productive. Steve Pavlina said, “if I strive to make that first hour optimally productive, the rest of the day tends to follow suit.” Starting your day focused and motivated will undoubtedly lead to a more beneficial and more enjoyable day.

I’ve set a few goals for myself this year that I want to accomplish. Some will be harder than others and all of them will take some degree of motivation to finish. In order to complete all of my goals I’m going to motivate myself to work a little harder at the start of the year. By doing this I’ll be steering the rest of 2006 in the direction I want it to go. The month of January is the rudder of the year and we should be using it to slingshot ourselves forward.

Motivation is a great thing to have but it is a hard thing to keep for very long. Continual motivation is what helps to form habits. Even though working extra hard in January will help anyone have a productive year, how long will it last? How do we find a way to keep ourselves motivated long enough to form a habit? I can think of three solutions I can use to keep myself motivated throughout the year.

1. A Notebook

No not a laptop but an actual spiral bound, college ruled notebook. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that writing things down has been extremely helpful for me to keep track of anything. A notebook is also a lot simpler then any computer file because you don’t have to use a computer. It can be taken with you anywhere and new things can be added to it at anytime without the hassle of a computer. Sure, laptops are very handy but for small notes and little additions it is much quicker and easier to open a notebook than to turn on a laptop.

2. Task Progress Tracker

I think I’ve talked about this enough already here and here but it really is an invaluable tool for me and I appreciate Dave Seah’s work on it.

3. My Blog

I have only had a blog for 2 months now but I love being able to share my thoughts, plans, ideas, and anything else I want with others and receive their feedback. This is much like my notebook because it is a place where I get to write things down and have total control over it. The main difference between this blog and my notebook is that you get to see and add to the notebook. Instead of being a resource just for myself I hope the blog can be a resource for you aswell.

These are going to be the tools I use so that January can be the rudder for the whole year, not just for the first month or two. I’m going to use the blog to periodically report on what progress I’ve made with my goals if any. Again, I hope you have a great 2006 and that you will find this blog to be more and more useful as we continue through the year.

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