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Task Management Tracker, Day 40

I should have written this on day 30 because that sounds better but I forgot. I should also apologize to Dave because in all my titles I’ve been calling it the Task Management Tracker when it is really called the Task Progress Tracker. Sorry Dave!

Things have beeen quite hectic for me lately with the funeral, a new site I need to finish, the added homework from missing 3 days of school, and another project I’m working on. During these busier times I am even more grateful for the TPT. I’m pretty good at motivating myself forward but it’s always nice to have an extra reminder. It also helps me keep track of everything I need to do. Sometimes I’ll have so much stuff I need to do that I’ll forget something. This is partly my fault for taking on too much at once but the TPT helps me remember what all I need to do and how much I’ve already done.

Has anyone else started using this since my earlier posts about it? Maybe not but I do recommend you atleast try it. I should probably be getting paid for all the good things I’ve said about the TPT but I wouldn’t take the money anyways. I’ll just take the extra time and be glad it’s still free!

Update: I had some server issues and as a result I lost my posts and everyones comments from the 17th to today. If you’re seeing these posts again or if your comment is no longer here that is why.

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