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Task Management Tracker, Day 1

As I mentioned yesterday I have decided to use David Seah’s Task Management Tracker to help manage my time better and hopefully get more stuff done. I really like it so far because it allows me to manage both my time and my projects on a single piece of paper.After only a day I find tha getting started on projects is much easier. I see the empty bubbles on the paper and instead of getting depressed because I still have a huge project to finish, I tell myself to work on it for 15 minutes just so I can fill in a bubble. Once the 15 minutes were finally up I got to mark the bubble, but then the bubble was lonely. I continued to work towards marking the next bubble. After an hour went by I had forgotten about the bubbles and had accomplished 75 minutes of good, productive work. The project is now that much smaller and doesn’t seem as big of a task anymore.

I’ve also discovered that the system works reasonably well for completing my homework too. Finals are next week and this will come in handy. Many of you are probably not in school but the concept will work everywhere. Not just at work or school.

Thanks David! More to come tomorrow for day 2.

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