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Not yet? Why not?

Too often I notice myself saying things like, “I don’t know yet” or “I haven’t done that yet.” Now I’m asking myself, “Why not?” I have so much I want to learn and even more that I have to do, why do I keep telling myself not yet? I have just as much time as everybody else and probably less to do. It can’t be that I don’t have the time, it has to be because I’m not using the time I have as best I can. For me to get everything I want to get done I’m going to have to stay focused and manage my time better.

Time Management

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about time management and I’ve decided to try out a technique I found on David Seah’s website. For the next week I’m going to experiment with the technique and keep eveyone updated on my progress.

The Printable CEO

The system I plan on using is really simple and you get to use pencil and paper instead of the computer to track what you’ve done. I already keep a small notebook with me when I work and I find that writing things down on paper help me a lot more than if I were to write them down somewhere on the computer where I might never see it again. I’m going to use the Task Progress Tracker that he created which allows you to “invest time into specific projects in as unstructured a way as possible.” I like it because it allows you to keep track of how much time you have spent on a project and it focuses on what you have already done, instead of what you still need to do.

If anyone else has tried this, what did you think of it? What did you like about it and what did you not like about it? What other time management techniques have helped you?

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