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Forced Efficiency

I love soccer.

Now that the World Cup games are on TV everyday, I spend less time working and more time on the couch. The problem with this is that I still have work that needs to be done but less time to do it. There’s no way I’ll be able to force myself to turn off the TV so instead I’ve forced myself to be more efficient in my other daily tasks.

Blog Reading
To save time I’ve cut down on the number of feeds that are currently in my feed reader. Originally I had 165 feeds and I’ve shortened the list down to 125 feeds. There are a few more I should probably get rid of but for now I’m just happy to have shortened the list that much. I’ve written before about how to be an efficient blog reader but if you have less blogs to read then you’re guaranteed to spend less time reading them.

6 hours is plenty of sleep… right? The next 3 days of the World Cup games start at 7:00 am which means I’ll be up bright and early to stare at our big screen (I wish we had a big screen). 7 is early for me anyways and going to bed earlier is out of the question. Did you know it’s already 80º outside at 7 in the morning? Crazy.

A bowl of cereal must wait until half time to be eaten and must be finished before half time is over. You can’t enjoy the game as much if you have a spoon in your face. And for those afternoon games, I would suggest Hot Pockets or some other microwavable meal that is easy to clean up and quick to devour. I save precious minutes everyday by eating foods that are quick to eat, taste good, and have little or no clean up.

90% of my day was spent working, reading, sleeping, or eating. Now that I spend less time eating and sleeping I have time to do the thing in life that is most important right now, and that’s watch soccer.

I love soccer.

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