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Efficient Blog Reading

Do you use RSS feeds or do you even know what an RSS feed is? If you don’t know what an RSS feed is then you should read the article “What the Heck is RSS?” by Copyblogger right now. For the rest of you, keep reading… please.

Daniel Miessler wrote a great post the other day on the topic of efficient blog reading. I really enjoyed it probably because I think I’m already doing many of the things he suggested and because it is so simple.

1. Open your RSS reader.
2. Go through your feeds and either read each item right in the reader or open it separately (in a browser tab).
3. When you’ve gone through all your feeds, close your reader.
4. Go to your browser and start from the left-most tab. Read each item, focusing on the core content and not the fluff. Remember, most items are like 80% fluff.
5. If the item is a good reference or you may want to read it again or show it to others, archive it using a service like
6. When you’re done processing all the open tabs, you’re done reading news.

It’s that simple. I use Sage for all my RSS reading and keep track of over 120 different feeds. Sage is a Firefox extension and since it is built in to the browser, I don’t have to open up any other programs. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s efficient.

What do you use to read RSS feeds? How many feeds do you have in your feed reader?

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