The UX Design Education Scam

A few years ago I wrote about my reasons for going to college. I only went for a semester before I ran out of motivation to keep going. I’m going to school again but my reasons have changed significantly. My purpose for going to school had to change or I wasn’t going to make it. But, my opinion that a web related college degree is pointless, remains the same.

I decided to pursue a degree in Sociology instead of a computer or web design related degree. Why Sociology? We can discuss that later. For now, here are some highlights from a recent post by web designer Andy Rutledge that explain why a web design education is a scam and a waste of time. I thought this was too good not to share.

If you emerge from university today with …

Missed Opportunities

A few weeks before SXSW I was invited to speak on a panel at the yPulse Mashup conference. It will be on July 16th – 17th and I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss the opportunity to speak and tell people about this little site I’m a part of. I’m gonna miss the experience of another conference and the chance to go to San Francisco. Anastasia, thanks for the opportunity and I’m sorry I can’t go.

Lately I’ve also missed out on blogging. I make excuses like “I’m busy” or “I’ll do it later” and it never happens. I write what’s on my mind, save it for later and then delete it. In reality I’ve written a lot lately I just haven’t shared it. I’ve been holding back, censoring what I post and I don’t know why. …

1 Month ‘Til the Letter Comes

It’s amazing what a deadline can do to your productivity. In a few short months it’s all over. Procrastinating is no longer an option and so lately… I’ve been busy.

Tomorrow Random Shapes is opening up its forum to everyone and you’re expected invited to join. Also this weekend I’m redesigning my other site and I’ll be working on the new design for this one. I have a good idea of how I want it to look I just hope I can do it. Later this month I’ll be launching another site I’m working on for a client and with any luck I’ll be releasing this design as a wordpress theme shortly after, just because. At my actual job I’m having a good time. We redesigned and launched the main Global Alerts site recently and I can’t wait …

Inspirational Quote of the Month – January

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

That man was a genius. This has to be my new second favorite quote. What’s yours?

Search Engine Snowball Effect

On May 29th I wrote a post entitled How To: Bypass Your Schools Web Filtering System. The article was written to help other students get on to blocked sites. It now has 99 comments with links to proxy websites, plea’s for help, and thank you’s. Due to the amount of traffic I put a Google ad right in the middle of the post, just to see what would happen. The ad has been up for a little over 2 months and I’m just about to reach $100.

1 ad. 2 months. $100.


The search engine snowball effect.

The article has some good keywords, a good title, and some really useful information. The comments just came on there own and now I’m getting 1 – 3 comments a day. Comments are the hill for my snowball (or search engine ranking for the post), …