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Random Shapes, Wisdom Teeth, Refresh, and SXSW

Yesterday was Random Shapes 1st birthday. It was awesome. Nothing special happened. I didn’t do much to celebrate. But it was awesome. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Some big things have happened with the the network lately. Huge in my opinion and as always I’m really excited about how things are going.

Today I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I don’t remember most of what happened on the way home but my dad says that I kept telling him I was seeing double. It’s too bad I don’t remember it. That would’ve been cool! I haven’t swollen up too much and they have me taking vicodin so my teeth don’t hurt too much either. Overall it’s gone much better then I thought it would.

This coming Tuesday is Refresh Phoenix. The author of “Designing the …

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Hello everyone. It’s been a while.

College is going well. I don’t have very much homework and my teachers are pretty cool. I go to school from 7 – 12 Monday and Wednesday and 7 – 8 on Fridays so my schedule is great.

Refresh Phoenix is planning an Unconference and it looks like it’s going to really cool. I just hope I can help out.

You may have noticed that this site was down for a few days this past week. The server that all of my sites were on had some problems and I’ve decided to switch hosts for now. This site is now running on Zanzaban’s servers. If you’re looking for hosting Zanzaban has a great service and really good prices. Just fill out the contact form on the site and let him know how you found …

August Refresh

Last night was Demo Night at Refresh Phoenix. Anyone could sign up to show off there new site, web app, whatever and tell everybody about it. The demo’s were very cool and unique. It was really interesting to hear about how they were built, why they were built the way they were, and how they came up with the idea. I don’t think I will use the web apps that were shown but they were cool enough that I want to find a reason to use them. When the demo’s were over I wanted to come home and build something cool but I don’t know how so I stuck around to talk with people instead.

I’m always impressed with the people I meet at Refresh. Everybody is older then me and much more experienced so there’s a lot I can …

Get Involved in a Community

A little less then a year ago I decided I wanted to be a web designer. I created this site and found a few local web design companies. I needed a summer job so I emailed these companies to see if one of them would hire me. One did. I did my best and learned all I could. I taught myself CSS and web standards and even a little javascript and PHP. All the things I learned over the summer were things I should have known before I even thought about becoming a web designer. I’m amazed someone hired me but I’m extremely grateful she did.

Summer ended which meant school started and I didn’t have the time to work anymore. I continued to play around on the web and I started my own blog. Having a blog opened up a …

Spec Projects

Spec projects are projects done for free for others or yourself. At the Refresh Phoenix meeting this topic was brought up and the general opinion of Refreshers was that you shouldn’t do spec projects. It seems most people don’t like to do spec projects because they’re too busy. If they did a spec project it would take time away from their current client work. Spec projects should be done to help you get more work. If you’re already too busy as it is then a spec project seems pointless.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for work, a spec project could be a great way to attract clients. The best spec projects are usually projects done for yourself. You can add the project to your portfolio and it’s usually a lot funner then work you would do for someone …