1 Month ‘Til the Letter Comes

It’s amazing what a deadline can do to your productivity. In a few short months it’s all over. Procrastinating is no longer an option and so lately… I’ve been busy.

Tomorrow Random Shapes is opening up its forum to everyone and you’re expected invited to join. Also this weekend I’m redesigning my other site and I’ll be working on the new design for this one. I have a good idea of how I want it to look I just hope I can do it. Later this month I’ll be launching another site I’m working on for a client and with any luck I’ll be releasing this design as a wordpress theme shortly after, just because. At my actual job I’m having a good time. We redesigned and launched the main Global Alerts site recently and I can’t wait …

College, Refresh, New Server, Random Shapes, Work, and Time Management

Hello everyone. It’s been a while.

College is going well. I don’t have very much homework and my teachers are pretty cool. I go to school from 7 – 12 Monday and Wednesday and 7 – 8 on Fridays so my schedule is great.

Refresh Phoenix is planning an Unconference and it looks like it’s going to really cool. I just hope I can help out.

You may have noticed that this site was down for a few days this past week. The server that all of my sites were on had some problems and I’ve decided to switch hosts for now. This site is now running on Zanzaban’s servers. If you’re looking for hosting Zanzaban has a great service and really good prices. Just fill out the contact form on the site and let him know how you found …

7 Ways to Manage Your Time

Over at LifeDev Glen Stansberry has a list of 7 tips for getting and keeping big ideas. It’s a great article and well thought out. His 7 tips are:

  1. ALWAYS carry paper
  2. Be descriptive when writing it down
  3. Plan for not planning on it
  4. Good environments matter
  5. Think big picture down
  6. Organize your thoughts
  7. Know when to stop

These 7 tips are great to help you remember your ideas but they can also be used to help you manage your time.

1. ALWAYS carry paper
Keep a written to-do list with you anywhere you go. It will remind you of the things you still need to get done and you can easily add another item to your list even when you’re out.

2. Be descriptive when writing it down
Keep items on your to-do list short but descriptive. If you’re meeting with …

Life’s Weird

Sometimes I have a lot of free time and I don’t know what to do with it. Other times (like now) I don’t have much free time and find myself very busy and rushed. I like it when I’m busy because I become more productive and learn to manage my time better.

But I’ve neglected something this week that’s very important to me. My blog. Apparently I’m not managing my time as well as I should be since I haven’t been able to find the time to write any new posts. I’m not going to blame this on school or work because in reality, I probably could have written on my blog if I had managed my time better.

I also noticed that I’ve stopped using to-do lists and David Seah’s Intermittent Task Tracker for projects. I had been using …

Forced Efficiency

I love soccer.

Now that the World Cup games are on TV everyday, I spend less time working and more time on the couch. The problem with this is that I still have work that needs to be done but less time to do it. There’s no way I’ll be able to force myself to turn off the TV so instead I’ve forced myself to be more efficient in my other daily tasks.

Blog Reading
To save time I’ve cut down on the number of feeds that are currently in my feed reader. Originally I had 165 feeds and I’ve shortened the list down to 125 feeds. There are a few more I should probably get rid of but for now I’m just happy to have shortened the list that much. I’ve written before about how to be an efficient blog reader …