June 2007

What will happen to the site?

When I’m gone I’ll have basically no internet access except to send emails to my folks. I don’t want to let this place sit for 2 years so I’ve taught my dad how to use WordPress and he will be posting parts of my emails and letters. (Sorry if he messes anything up) 😉 If you really need to contact me you can send an email to my dad at cliff(dot)jones(at)avidlaw(dot)com and he’ll make sure to send the message along.

I know my blogging has been fairly sporadic but I hope you stick around.

I had planned to redesign the site before I left but I didn’t have time to slice it up and turn it into a theme so this will have to do. The current design is really simple and works so I don’t mind leaving it how it is.

Well… …

Random Shapes, I’m Sorry.

Today is Friday and I’m sitting on my couch listening to Episode 6 of the Random Shapes Podcast. I had nothing to do with the podcast, I barely know the people who made the podcast, but even so they said a lot of really nice things about the network.

Random Shapes is 15 months old. It has gone from 7 members to 70. I’m extremely happy with how it has turned out and where it is heading. But I hate letting it go.

I hate letting it go partly because I’m leaving it extremely unfinished. Random Shapes is all about bringing together awesome teens. In the next version of the site we will be really focusing on that. I’m glad I was able to give my input and help with parts of the site but I won’t be here to …