October 2006

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I bought the domain mattbobjones.com and got my site up and running just before trick-or-treaters started ringing my doorbell non-stop. My friend Jay set me up with free hosting and helped me with some CSS problems I was having and the site was online around 6pm. Since then my life has completely changed and I’m lovin it. Since October 31st, 2005 I’ve…

…written 146 posts with 316 comments.
…met tons of cool web designers/developers locally.
…gone to 11 of 12 Refresh Phoenix meetings.
…turned my hobby into a job that pays for college and all other expenses
…started working freelance.
redesigned the site 6 times.
…accomplished one of my goals by running the 800 meters in 1:58.73.
graduated from high school.
…written an average of 2.8 posts per week or 12.16 posts per month.
…been listed

Desert Code Camp

Desert Code Camp was on Saturday and it was the biggest group of web geeks in one place that I’ve ever seen.

At Desert Code Camp anyone can volunteer to present any topic they want (as long as it’s related to code) and then you pick which sessions you want to go to and you show up. It’s free, you can learn some pretty sweet stuff and you get to meet other web developers so it’s pretty cool.

The camp had 8 time slots with 9 different sessions in each slot so you had to pick and choose which 1 of the 9 sessions you wanted to go to for each slot. The sessions were about an hour long and for the most part I was really impressed with the presenters and the wide range of topics. Whenever the next one …

Interview with Matthew Scheuerman

Matthew works at Southwest Student Services Corporation as their web designer and yes, I met him at Refresh. He’s amazing with Flash and you can check out his personal site and blog at Mordecai Design.

How did you get started as a web designer?
I had taken a few web classes when I first attended graphic design school, but I didn’t have any strong inclinations to become a web designer. I started learning Flash durring that time and I loved it but didn’t think that I would take it farther than using it on a few random projects. I tinkered with a few web sites durring my school years but I really didn’t get serious until a few years after I graduated. After school I worked at a snowboard shop for about 1 year and then at a …

Interview with Aaron Post

Aaron is also a co-founder and partner of 30 Second Rule like Dan. Also like Dan and James he is a CJO for Jitsu.com (no I don’t know what CJO stands for and they probably don’t either ;)) and he’s a fellow Refresher.

How did you get started as a web designer?
I was attending the University of Nebraska, just dropped out of the engineering program and was taking a few Graphic Design classes. We had a class in a new federally funded media center, it was there that I started to spend all my time playing with video, sounds and this thing called the internet. I spent so much time there they gave me a job, slowly I started to build web pages with photoshop 3 and html 1. Ahh those were the …

Interview with Dan Ritzenthaler

Dan is a co-founder and partner of 30 Second Rule. He’s a CJO of Jitsu.com like James and runs a blog about the best books ever.

How did you get started as a web designer?
I left high school a math nerd and had plans to be an engineer of some kind. After looking high and low, I realized this was something I wouldn’t love doing. I probably wouldn’t even like it. So I chose the art school and jumped in hoping I would figure something out before I was too far into the degree.

I was all print for a while… Thankfully there were some required web classes that really got me interested. The artsy side of design I was really starting to enjoy was coming together with the nerdy side I already had when I was writing …