August 2006

7 Ways to Manage Your Time

Over at LifeDev Glen Stansberry has a list of 7 tips for getting and keeping big ideas. It’s a great article and well thought out. His 7 tips are:

  1. ALWAYS carry paper
  2. Be descriptive when writing it down
  3. Plan for not planning on it
  4. Good environments matter
  5. Think big picture down
  6. Organize your thoughts
  7. Know when to stop

These 7 tips are great to help you remember your ideas but they can also be used to help you manage your time.

1. ALWAYS carry paper
Keep a written to-do list with you anywhere you go. It will remind you of the things you still need to get done and you can easily add another item to your list even when you’re out.

2. Be descriptive when writing it down
Keep items on your to-do list short but descriptive. If you’re meeting with …

Life’s Weird

Sometimes I have a lot of free time and I don’t know what to do with it. Other times (like now) I don’t have much free time and find myself very busy and rushed. I like it when I’m busy because I become more productive and learn to manage my time better.

But I’ve neglected something this week that’s very important to me. My blog. Apparently I’m not managing my time as well as I should be since I haven’t been able to find the time to write any new posts. I’m not going to blame this on school or work because in reality, I probably could have written on my blog if I had managed my time better.

I also noticed that I’ve stopped using to-do lists and David Seah’s Intermittent Task Tracker for projects. I had been using …

So It Begins

I’m writing this post from a computer in the college library. There are hundreds of computers in here and thankfully the internet works great.

Today is my first day of college and I just went to my first class. I must admit, the college experience has already been pretty interesting. There are so many different people here and all of them are here for a different purpose. The people are very interesting and I hope I can get to know some of them better.

There are a lot of differences between high school and college. The teachers are much more laid back, they have designated smoking areas, the library is enormous, they have a cyber cafe, and there’s a lot less gum on the ground.

You know I’m not too excited about college but since I’m here I’m trying to enjoy it. I …

My Hands Are Free

High school is over which means life is just beginning.

The world has been holding my hand, leading me though life and it has finally let go. Now the choices are endless and my hands are free to build my life into what I want it to be. I’m asked more questions and forced to make more decisions that at one time were decided for me. What happens in my life is decided by me and me alone.

I’ve always looked forward to gruaduation and the future. Having a job, living on my own, and doing what I want to do. I felt trapped in this tiny box wanting only to get out.

But now I am out and it’s not as cool as I had once thought. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all bad. In fact, it’s mostly good. With this …

We’re Different Online

I mentioned before that we should just be ourselves and not hide who we really are, but I think everyone acts a little bit differently online then we do in person. No matter how hard we try to just be ourselves we act a little different and we’re perceived differently too.

In our emails, IM conversations, and blog posts we just don’t act the same as we would in person. I don’t know what you think of me from the little you’ve picked up by reading my blog or talking to me online, but in person, I’m a quiet guy, I’m usually the one sitting in the back or walking around looking for a conversation to jump into. I don’t talk much and I prefer it that way.

The other day my sister told me that she read a few posts …