July 2006

Why am I going to college?

In Steve Pavlina’s 10 Tips For College Students his first tip is to answer the question, “Why am I going to college?” He says,

Many college students really don’t have a clear reason for being there other than the fact that they don’t know what else to do yet. They inherit goals from family and peers which aren’t truly their own. That was how I started college. Is this you as well?

This is not me, but I think it is how I was raised. I think this is how a lot of us are raised. We go to school, we get older, we get jobs, and we go to college because that’s what we’ve always been told to do. I’ve just assumed since I was in elementary school that when I graduated from high school I would …

Brainstorming Session: Random Shapes

Brainstorming helps me think through things and this time I thought I’d share my brainstorming with you. I might do this again about other things because it was an easy post to write and because it helps.

Hmm, what is there to say about Random Shapes… πŸ˜‰ yeah right.

Random Shapes is a blog network with two goals. 1) Encourage good blogging among teens. 2) Create a community of awesome teens that network with each other and therefore become even awesomer.

Why? Because we all know that teens don’t have the greatest reputation on the web and because we can. Why not, right? Definitely can’t hurt to try.

So how are we going to accomplish these goals? We form a blog network and let only the best in. Then we tell people how cool it is so that they want to join. Teens improve …

Inspirational Quote of the Month – July

What was I thinking? I almost let July end without the Inspirational Quote of the Month!

Last month was the Michael Jordan quote and I’d like to thank everybody who added there favorite quote in the comments.

This month’s quote comes from Adam Osborne, he was an author, software engineer, computer designer and entrepreneur. He said:

β€œThe most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect.”

Mr. Osborne is simply reminding us to learn from our mistakes. Too often we make a mistake, fix it, and move on without really learning anything. How can we improve if we don’t learn from errors?

So what’s your favorite quote?

Deep Blue WordPress Theme

I finally finished up my Deep Blue theme and I’ve made it available for you to download on the Deep Blue page.

This is the first WordPress theme that I’ve released so I expect there could be a few bugs. If you have any problems installing it please let me know and I’ll be happy to help you make it work.

The Rewards of Networking

Over at the YoungEntrepreneur Blog Josiah Mackenzie from Young Wealth Weekly is guest blogging this week and he’s doing a series on networking for young entrepreneurs.

In his first post Josiah mentions 7 rewards of networking. Of course there are way more than 7 but I think his list is an excellent start.

  • Reward 1: Networking gets your name out
  • Reward 2: Networking can build your reputation
  • Reward 3: Networking develops new business ideas
  • Reward 4: Networking helps you find joint venture partners
  • Reward 5: Networking lets you learn from others
  • Reward 6: Networking often makes you a mingling expert
  • Reward 7: Networking brings more sales
  • Without networking I wouldn’t have nearly as much work (if any), I wouldn’t have ever started Random Shapes, and I wouldn’t have the knowledge necessary to work as a web designer.

    It’s important to build your business and your skill set …