May 2006

How To: Bypass Your Schools Barracuda Web Filtering System

Update: This post was originally written in 2006. The resources in this post may or may not still work. More ideas and new proxies to bypass your web filter are in the comments.

These tips may not work depending on what software your school uses to filter certain websites but after a few years of trying to check my Gmail, blogs, and anything else I might want to see, I’ve found what I think are the best and easiest ways to bypass Websense, my schools web filtering software.

MadServe: 1 WebSense: 0
My school uses WebSense to filter websites. It works great and that’s the problem. Almost every proxy, blogspot blog, game site, social bookmarking site, and email site is blocked by WebSense. There …

Blog Networks Are “In”

It seems more and more blog networks are getting started and I’m glad a teen blog network is among them. Today David Askaripour announced he’s starting an Entrepreneur Blog Network, The Cowboy announced a few days ago that he’s starting his own blogging collective and I know of a few others in the works.

Now-a-days it seems almost everyone has a blog so how long will it be until everyone is in a blog network too?

Tips For Graduation Day

I graduated from high school on Thursday and it really wasn’t that exciting. I am really happy to be done with high school but the whole graduation ceremony was rather dull and pointless. If you’re like me you’ve been looking forward to this day since the first grade. You suffer through 12 years of tests, homework assignments, boring lectures and worst of all, boring teachers. You’ve passed all your classes and spent thousands and thousands of hours working hard to get that diploma and impress the colleges. You think graduation day will never come and when it does you don’t know what to think. You’re happy to leave school but you’re sad to leave your friends. You’re excited for the future but you’re worried about jumping into something you’re not used to. Things are gonna change and change can …

I’m Graduating Tomorrow

Heh. That’s weird.

Early Design Evolution

I’m in the process of redesigning this site and it’s interesting to see how much the site has already changed. Each site of mine starts from layout sketches in my notebook before I begin designing the graphics or coding. This is often the easiest but also the most important step in designing a site. With the sites goals in mind there are a number of good layout options to choose from. I haven’t had to use a computer yet and the site has already been through a number of revisions.

For the new design I want to keep the main focus of the site on the blog but I also want to include some examples of my work somewhere on the homepage. You may not know this but this site is still my portfolio. Even though I don’t do a good …