April 2006

Random Shapes v2 Is Here

It’s been a long day and it’s been even longer since I wrote a post. I’ve had a good time redesigning the Random Shapes site lately and I learned a lot while I was working on it.

With the original version Kevin did all the graphics so all I had to do was the coding (the CSS and XHTML stuff) and WordPress integration. We didn’t have much time to build it so we did the “Getting Real” thing and just narrowed our scope. Instead of launching a site with lots of features done poorly we launched a site with less features done well. Now that we’ve had more time to build the site we’ve added some really cool features with more on the way.

The network site has forced me to learn PHP and what feels like everything there …

The Best Feeling

Want to know what the best feeling in the world is?

It’s setting a record and getting instant respect from the 50 other people who ran against you.

I still haven’t broken that 2:00 minute mark for the 800m but I ran in the 4x800m relay and as a team we have the fastest time in the state. I’ve ran a 2:00.47, a 2:00.67, a 2:00.73, and a 2:00.71 but I still haven’t been able to get under 2:00.

Oh well, I’ll do it next time. I promise.

Staples Easy Button’s Rock

I love this thing! Have you ever spent what seems like forever trying to figure something out, and when you do you realize how simple it was. I do that from time to time but my new Easy Button makes everything better.

I won the Easy Button from Tomas over at The Closet Entrepreneur. Thanks Tomas!

It Must Be Getting Closer to May 1st

As I get more work I quiet down a bit. The CSS Reboot on May 1st is getting closer and there is still much to do. This site will be redesigned and the Random Shapes site is being completely revamped.

I won’t give any screenshots or hints as to what this site will look like but here’s a sample of what you can expect for the new RS site.

You can probably guess what some of the new features will be but I assure you there’s more. 😉

Elephant Eater Comics

Elephant Eater Comics are the creation of Ryan Claytor, an illustrator and writer making his way through college. His fuzzy coverd comic books are very well thought out and fun to read. Ryan’s “And Then One Day” series is an autobiography of his life in the form of comic strips. This is probably the coolest way to keep a diary I’ve ever seen. Recently I had a chance to ask Ryan a few questions about his comics.

Matt: What was it that got you interested in creating comics?

Ryan: Hm. I think when I was younger, maybe 10, 11, 12 or so, I was excited by a new form of entertainment. My interest kind of waned when I got to high school, but then I got interested in the medium again …