February 2006

Do You Need School To Succeed?

This was taken from the Fortune Small Business article here.

Admittedly, little research has been done on the effectiveness of various types of entrepreneurship education. But intriguing results came from a 2002 study at the University of Arizona.

Researchers found that five years after graduation, the average annual income for entrepreneurship majors and MBAs who concentrated in entrepreneurship at the school was almost $72,000, or 27 percent higher than for other business majors and students with standard MBAs.

Moreover, entrepreneurship graduates were three times more likely to form new companies. And we’re not talking mom-and-pop shops. On average the businesses had annual sales of $50 million and employed 200.

Even those entrepreneurship graduates who took jobs within large companies earned bigger paychecks: $23,500 more a year on average than for other business graduates. Of course, students ambitious enough to enroll in entrepreneurship classes …

What Inspires You?

When I start on a site I normally can see how I want the site to look like in my head but usually there are pieces of the site missing. Sometimes I can see what I want the site layout to look like but I can’t see what colors I want to use. Other times I can see the colors but only part of the layout. To get ideas for my sites I often go to one of the many CSS Galleries and browse through there archives of beautifully built websites. I also like browsing through the CSS Zen Garden designs because it’s amazing to me how many different layouts and designs came from one source code.

Blogs, school, friends, and sports have all inspired me in different ways at different times in my design work. What is it that …

Why I Blog

My buddy Kevin, who has been a HUGE help in creating “The Site,” wants to know why I blog.

Basically, I blog for the fame. Someday I hope to do one of three things. 1) Own an amazing web design company, 2) work for an even more amazing web design company, or 3) be an extremely successful freelancer. Blogging is my way of getting my name around. If you think about it, my future boss or client will be reading my blog someday. Most of the bosses or clients I’ve had in the past still read my blog today. I write this blog partly for them, partly for me, and partly just to help people out.

Blogging is, in a way, fun. When I first started I didn’t see how this could be true. I originally started a blog to write …

Creating Original Websites

Among billions and billions of websites how do you make yours stand out from the rest? When other sites are only a click a way it is important to create a design that will spark interest in your visitors and make them want to keep coming back. Yesterday I discussed the web design process from a freelancers perspective. Today I’d like to go into how I actually design a website and what is necessary to create a site that is both effective and unique.

Before I get started let me say that I’m not a web design guru and I don’t claim to be. These are the techniques and tricks I use and have picked up over the years to create websites. I am currently working on the design of a new site and I will be redesigning this site on …

Loop 101 Reminder

For those living in or near Phoenix that drive on the Loop 101 you’ve seen the new cameras in between 90th Street and Scottsdale Road. Up until today speeders received only warnings but now anyone going 11 miles over the speed limit can start to expect fines. I warned Refreshers a week before the February meeting that the cameras were being installed but tickets haven’t been given out until today.

For me the traffic is backed up enough when I drive on the 101 that the cameras don’t bother me but for other Refreshers in the Phoenix area this could be annoying. Yeah, there may be less accidents but traffic will be slower now. If you use the 101 to go to work just make sure you leave the house a few minutes earlier and drive cautiously! You don’t want …