October 2005

A Winning Search Engine

I came across an amazing link the other day to a site called Blingo. Blingo is a Google driven search engine that gives users a chance to win prizes everytime they make a search. Prizes include items like an iPod nano, a PSP, or a Visa Gift Card. As a web developer I’m always on the internet and I use Google all the time for anything and everything. I might as well try and win something while I’m searching. The greatest part is it’s absolutely FREE! They don’t even ask for any information from you until you win. Blingo also allows you to invite your friends to join you. If someone you invite wins a prize by searching on Blingo, Blingo sends you the same prize.

Keep Search Engine Optimization Simple

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be a painful or tedious task. SEO is such an important step in designing a website that many website owners are afraid it will be too difficult or it will cost too much money to hire a professional SEO company. In reality, the basics of SEO are very simple and easy to implement into a website and it should never be overlooked. Every little bit helps when optimizing your site. If every month you get 500 visitors and 10% of them buy your product, imagine if you were able to get 700 or even 1000 visitors to your site how much your profits would increase. SEO can be the determining factor that decides how successful a website will be.

Incorporating Keywords

Obviously, the most important thing you can do to boost your rankings is to …

Why Web Standards

I wanted to write an article on why every web site should use web standards and what web standards are used for when I came across an amazing article by Paul Boag, the owner of Boagworld.com. His article, titled "A better way to build your website," explains in detail why web standards are needed and how they can benefit your website. I love this article and also found his podcast on web accessibility to be very informative. He did such a great job that I don't feel writing an entire article about web standards would do anything but reiterate what he said. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you take a look at his article and consider switching to a web standards based website.

Update: …

The Definition of Success

How do you determine a person’s success? Do you judge success based solely on how rich or famous someone is, or are there more important ways to decipher a person’s success? Success should not be weighed by how heavy someone’s paycheck is or how many people know their name. Although these things may come from being successful, they aren’t the things that make a person successful. Success should be based on what you’ve done with the opportunities you’ve been given. Even the poorest person can have just as much success as the richest person if they use the opportunities presented to them to the best of their ability. Success is not created in wealth or fame, it is created in the sincere attempt to reach a goal. It is a destination that we must be continually striving to get to.

Too …